Coach: Haney will clean up a couple of divisions — no one can beat him!

Coach Mickey Bay considers American lightweight WBC champion Devin Haney (24-0, 15 KO) the future hegemon of the division. In Bay’s opinion, no one can win against a compatriot right now.

“Who is it? Bay smiles. — Servant Davis?.. Nuuuu… Don’t get me wrong… “Tank” — he was still a monster. But I don’t see anyone who can beat Haney. No way! His IQ, defense, speed, power, discipline… The dude has everything! You will soon see this for yourself. And it is growing rapidly and improving. He is already much better than you saw in the last match. Just wait. Just be prepared for the fact that with each fight, the dude will look better and better. I can see how quickly it is improving. Man, this is just an incredible pace. It is striking and even a little frightening…»

“Let me remind you that Devin is only 21 years old, – Bay PR of the fighter. – Now imagine him at 23. This is not to say what it will be like at 25… Yes, it’s just unbelievable. Davis, by the way, I think, the best after Haney. No one else will cause him any problems in the division. I honestly think that he will beat the others. And Devin will clean up not only the light weight, but also the first Welterweight. I like the Champ there, Josh Taylor. But trust me, Devin will kick his ass, too! Will the “Tank” rise to the first Welterweight? I don’t think so, it’s too small. That’s one of the reasons why he can’t handle Haney. But Devin has a lot of tricks in his stash. No, no, I won’t talk about it now. But believe me, he hasn’t shown everything in the ring yet.”

“The Chances Servanty? Well, Yes, he’s a knockout… ” Bay analyzes deeply. — This is not only power, but also explosive blows, aggression. He’s like little Mike Tyson. You can once in a while to yawn and go to sleep. You should always be on your guard against people like him. But I think the Haney-Davis fight is one of the greatest in Boxing. When will it take place? It’s simple. When they both say: “Well, what, let’s go?” Haney’s father is very good at business. He knows when it will be possible to give them a fight. The main thing is that Davis ‘ promoter Floyd Mayweather did not block the fight. It’s simple. It all depends on Floyd. And we are ready even now!»

Bay thought of the other men in the division: “Vasily Lomachenko? The WBC made him a “superchampion” (meaning the status of a “franchise” champion). That’s right… Franchise… Sorry, slightly stepped… But it doesn’t change anything. It’s not Devin’s fault that the fight with Lomachenko didn’t happen, right? Let it be said on Haney that he got his title “by mail.” But he doesn’t mind fighting the best. He wants to fight them. And it is not he who transferred Lomachenko to this status. It is not his fault. He is always ready to fight Lomachenko…»