Curtis Blaydes: “I understand that Lewis is only aiming to blow my head off. That makes him predictable.”

UFC rating heavyweight Curtis Blades said he considers his next opponent, Derrick Lewis, predictable, as he, in his opinion, enters the octagon with the sole purpose of knocking out an opponent.

“We are heavyweights, which implies power. I am not very impressed with Lewis’s power. Do I understand that he has it? Yes. But do I also understand that he will only aim to blow my head off? Yes. This makes it predictable.

Lewis doesn’t use his jab. He does not prepare combinations, does not work on his legs. When Derrick throws an overhand with his back hand, he lifts his back leg and stands in a rectangular stance. This is the worst thing to do against a fighter like me. So there are a lot of holes in his punch, “Curtis Blades told MMA Junkie.

We will remind, Blades also stated that the UFC did not give Lewis strong grapplers as rivals.

Javier Mendes: “If Khabib devotes a lot of time to coaching, he will become one of the best”

Javier Mendes, coach of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, is convinced that his ward can build a successful coaching career if he pays a lot of attention to it.

Khabib has been training for a long time. Even when he was preparing for the last fight, Khabib helped me train the guys. He is a born leader and takes on the role of his father. He always trains, always.

If Khabib devotes a lot of time to coaching, he will become one of the best. You cannot achieve this if you work half-heartedly. If Khabib is half-hearted in coaching, he will be a good specialist. But if he pays serious attention to this, he will reach the level of his father.

Khabib also found sponsors for all the guys in his team. They are all on the payroll. Who else did this? I can’t think of a single example among fighters or coaches who would be so generous to their guys, “Javier Mendes said on the Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast.