Deiveson Figueiredo promises to punish Cody Garbrandt

The current UFC lightweight champion, Deiveson Figueiredo, shared his thoughts about the upcoming confrontation with Cody Garbrandt, promising to punish the American for getting a title chance out of turn.

“I believe that Cody Garbrandt’s title chance violates the rules, but the UFC makes decisions,” the Brazilian said in an interview with AG Fight. “We work for them, and we have to fight with those whom they expose against us. We had negotiations with UFC, and my Manager, Vallid Ismail, achieved an increase in the fee for the fight with Garbrandt. Now I train hard to show clearly that it is impossible to reach the belt in the lightest weight, having received a title chance out of turn. I will punish him for breaking the rulesĀ»

Despite the fact that the fight is almost three months away, Figueredo claims that he already has a plan for the fight.

“The chin and the head is the weak spot. Even the smallest blow can shake him, and I’ll take advantage of it. Believe me, this match will not be without a tournament bonus. This is going to be a crazy fight. I won’t take a step back. I’m a more diverse fighter. He has Boxing and wrestling, and I have Boxing and JIU-jitsu to finish him off if he makes a mistakeĀ»

Having defended the title against Garbrandt, the Brazilian plans to clean up the division, and then rise to the lightest weight and take possession of the championship belt, the owner of which is currently Peter Jan.

“I will beat Garbrandt, hold three or four more title defenses, and then ask for Superboy in the lightest weight. I will rise without leaving my division, take the title, and be the dominant champion in two weight categories”

Recall that the title fight in the lightest weight between Daveson Figueredo and Cody Garbrandt will be the main event of the UFC 255 tournament, which will take place on November 21.