Islam Makhachev gave a prediction for the rematch of McGregor and Poirier

UFC rated lightweight fighter Islam Makhachev shared his impressions of the upcoming rematch of Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier on January 23.

Recall that in the first fight, MacGregor managed to knock out Poirier at the very beginning of the first round.

“It’s a very interesting fight,” Makhachev said. – “I don’t know, I like Poirier as a fighter, but sometimes something incomprehensible happens to him – maybe he is afraid of his rivals, – in general, something happens to him. And if he openly and freely goes out to fight, then I I think they will have a very competitive fight.

Probably Conor will be a little favorite. Although they both work in a rack, I think Conor’s stance is a little better. “

Artem Lobov is not averse to “kick ass” YouTube-blogger Jake Paul

Former UFC fighter Artem Lobov believes that boxing is the one and only path for him that will lead him to the largest royalties in his career.

“I am going to fight for another two years, and therefore I would not mind providing a good future for my family,” Lobov said on the MMA Junkie Radio. “I’ve been making six figures for a while now, and I’ll tell you that life gets much better when you get checks with five zeros. But if you want to secure a decent future for your family, then you need to aim for seven figures. And I feel the easiest way to achieve this goal is through boxing.

I had some tempting offers in early 2020, but because of the coronavirus, everything was covered with a copper basin. And I hope I can get back to where I was before the pandemic. At the same time, I will also train MMA, because I must be ready to compete in other types of martial arts. But yes, I definitely prefer boxing. “

Lobov also noted that he could share the ring with the popular YouTube blogger Jake Paul, who last weekend brutally knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson, and then challenged Artyom’s friend Conor McGregor.

“I will get absolutely nothing from beating this guy, except for a large sum,” Lobov said. “So if they give me a check that I’m happy with, then I don’t care. I can kick Jake Paul’s ass or his brother or anyone else in their family.”

Recall that on December 12, Lobov will fight according to the rules of MMA with Illes Dzhirun, who will be at stake for the lightweight title of the Arena Fight Championship promotion.