Jon Jones demanded to dismiss himself from the UFC

The current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, insists that in negotiations for a fight with Francis Ngannou did not call any figures, although the UFC President accuses him of the opposite and continues to claim that the fighter requested a sum of 30 million dollars for a fight with the Cameroonian heavyweight.

“If you are going to persist in your lies, I will defend myself,” Jones tweeted. “Please ask your lawyer, hunter Campbell, to publish these text messages»

“Don’t be a damn liar – my reputation has taken enough hits without that. I never asked for Deontay Wilder’s fee. If Deontay makes 30 million, I’ll happily settle for half of it. Since you say I’m the greatest, and all that”

“I don’t earn even a quarter of what Wilder gets. If my reputation allows you to underestimate me so much, just fire me from the UFC. I’m sure some promoter will be more than happy to welcome me with open arms»

“And if I were to compare my fee with someone else’s, I would compare it with my brothers’ fee. I can see firsthand how the NFL treats its Champions. This is a huge difference. I’ve kept my mouth shut all my career”

The guaranteed fee of John Jones is 500 thousand dollars, and the light heavyweight admits that taking into account various bonuses and a percentage of sales of paid broadcasts, he earns more than five million dollars per fight.

“Do I earn a little over five million dollars per fight? Yes. Should I get the same amount for superboys? If you don’t agree with me, then you just don’t understand business. And of course I didn’t ask for 30 million – I didn’t give any figures at all”

Earlier, Dana white told reporters that for the fight with Ngannu, Jon Jones requested a fee comparable to the fee of former world Boxing champion Deontay Wilder, which is allegedly confirmed by text messages sent by the fighter to the organization’s lawyer, and also offered the UFC champion to pass a lie detector test.