Keith Thurman: If Errol Spence doesn’t want to give me a fight, let him get out of the division!

“Everyone wants to fight with him, and if he wants to remain a champion, he must find an answer for everyone. Well, or follow the predecessor-avoid everyone and carefully choose who to fight. Spence has met some of the people I beat, but he hasn’t come out with me yet, ” Keith PepTalkUK said. — He’ll have to show me respect anyway.” And if Errol is not going to come out against me, let him go out of 66.7 kg.”

The Florida-based fighter has not appeared in the ring for almost a year: he was healing a hand injury after the fight with Pacquiao, and then, like everyone else, sat in a coronavirus quarantine.

“I am ready to return to the thick of things at the top of the division. I want a rematch with Manny and I think I deserve it. This is an epic fight… But, in General, I will enter any doors that open. If you have to fight Sean porter, Mikey, or Danny Garcia, I’m all for it. I’d be surprised if Spence agrees. In General, I think I will agree to a warm-up match for now. But everything should be worth it: camps are not cheap, ” BoxingScene quotes him as saying.

Everyone laughed with a crying Lomachenko-memories of sparring partner Vasily from Ireland

Irish prospect Featherweight division (up to 57.2 kg) Eric Donovan (12-0, 7 KO) gave an interview for the news portal Seconds Out.

In the conversation, the little-known fighter so far shared memories of the 2007 Amateur world championship in Chicago (USA) and sparring in Amateurs with the current combined lightweight champion of the WBC Franchise/WBA Super/WBO Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO).

— How many years ago did you spar with Lomachenko?

— About ten years ago, in June. We had a training camp in Ukraine. I spent about 12 rounds with Lomachenko.

— Can you tell me if you had any idea how far it would go and how special it would become?

— I always knew he was special. I was at the world Cup in Chicago. I lost there and didn’t qualify for the Beijing Olympics. And I saw Lomachenko lose to Selimov in the final. This was the first time he lost in an Amateur fight. He was sitting in the ring, they were protesting. He was crying and didn’t leave. A lot of people laughed at him, made jokes about him. I looked at the young guy at the time and thought he was heartbroken from defeat. I didn’t realize at the time how much of a tragedy it was for him. He was a true champion, a born warrior. This was the only lost fight, which was very unusual. After that, I was intrigued and started watching him closely. I saw him win the Olympics in Beijing, the championship in Milan. In 2010, he moved up to lightweight. We sparred together in training camp. I had a 12-round sparring session with him. We had a large group of boxers from Azerbaijan, Ireland, Ukraine, Armenia, but no one wanted to voluntarily go to him for sparring. He always stood with his hand raised, and no one wanted to go to him. My tactical coach was from Georgia, and he was like, ” Hey, come on, come on, come on. This is an incredible experience. Come on, come on, come on.” I jumped into the ring to Lomachenko, because no one else deigned to. And, in truth, it was a very competitive sparring match. Sparring was not explosive and knockout, but it was active and stimulating to the brain, because I was in the ring with someone who is an incredible boxer, with amazing reflexes and mind.