Robert Whittaker: “I remain a champion, with or without a belt»

Returning his career to a successful course after a crushing defeat in a fight against Yisrael Adesanyi, former UFC Middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, summed up the fight with Darren Till, and also spoke about his future plans.

“I think I feel good, “Whittaker said at a press conference after the UFC on ESPN 14 tournament.” I Feel a lot of relief. Obviously, there was a lot of pressure and stress in the lead-up to this match, so now I’m just happy. I am glad that I achieved the result that I came to the octagon for. I am glad that the work was successful and that I was able to demonstrate some of my skills. It was a great, but very intense fight»

“This is probably one of the most technical fights I have had. It was a chess match. I got a little nervous in the first round, and he made me pay for it. I remember thinking at that moment, ‘not this.’ But I managed to go back and change my tactics a little. From that moment on, it was a chess match. He was waiting for my attacks to catch him, and I was waiting for him”

At the end of five rounds of the match, the judges gave Whittaker a unanimous decision with a score of 48-47 three times, and the Australian agrees that it was a close fight.

“I understand that it was a very close fight. The second round was exactly for me, the third and fourth can be given in any direction, but I think I showed my championship mentality and experience in the final five minutes. A successful transfer at the very end tipped the scales in my favor”

When asked about future plans, the former UFC champion said that now he just wants to return home to his family, but hinted that he still expects to regain the title.

“Now I want to go home to my wife and children – I do all this for them. I think today I proved that I still have the championship level. I wasn’t myself in the previous fight. I believe it. I give credit to Adesanya, he is a great drummer, but I was not myself in that fight. I remain the champion, belt or no belt. It doesn’t matter. I’m looking forward to getting back to work, and I’ll be watching how the next title fight ends».