The head of UFC caught Jon Jones in deception

During a recent altercation with Israel Adesanya, Jon Jones admitted to hiding under a cage from representatives Of the Nevada state athletic Commission to avoid out-of-competition testing for marijuana, and it seems that the former UFC champion’s version is not entirely true.

“They don’t test for marijuana,” UFC President Dana white told reporters in Abu Dhabi. “If he was worried about marijuana, they don’t test for marijuana during pre-testing. If it was an out-of-competition test, he would have passed it without any problems».

“I don’t know anything about it. But if you don’t have a fight scheduled, they don’t check you for marijuana”

Recall that the following dialogue took place between Jones and Adesanya.

Adesanya: “Fun fact! In 2010, I slept under the cage because I didn’t want to waste my energy going home and stayed in the gym until evening training, while Jonathan crawled under the cage to hide from USADA during an out-of-competition doping test. This is a fact, if someone suddenly forgot about it»

Jones: “Brother, you better explain your boob. I was hiding from the Nevada state athletic Commission, not USADA, because I smoked and was afraid of failing grass testing. This is the true truth».

Maxim Grishin wins by technical knockout of Gadjimurad Anthoula

Russian light heavyweight Maxim Grishin won his first victory under the UFC banner, finishing with a technical knockout of his compatriot Gadzhimurad Antigulov at UFC Fight Night 180 in Abu Dhabi.

The bout of the Russians, which became part of the preliminary card of the event, ended two seconds before the end of the second round, as the referee Anders Olsson decided that Antigulov demonstrates passive defense and is not able to defend himself qualitatively under the hail of blows that Grishin brought down on him near the net. Antigua, at the end of the battle, who were conscious and standing on his feet, immediately made clear that he considered stopping the fight premature.